Westwaard Milking Parlors

At DariTech we design and manufacture our own components.This allows us to ensure quality that is built in for long term value of your parlor. Our in-depth dairy knowledge has allowed DariTech to develop a wide range of products to satisfy the dairy farmer’s needs in today’s competitive market. DariTech expertise comes from a family steeped in a strong dairy farming tradition. We invite you to look at the many different parlor styles we offer.

Milking ParlorsThe Parabone parlor gets it's name from being the mix of a Parallel parlor and a Herringbone parlor. A Parabone requires fewer milking units and the design of the stalls is much more simpler.

A Parallel parlor is a popular design because of its accurate cow positioning and excellent safety. With rapid entrance, rapid exit and cow comfort key in our Vertical Lift stalls, the MAXIM Vertical Lift Parallel Parlor is a strong choice.

A Herringbone parlor is the most common choice when choosing a "smaller" parlor. In a herrinbone parlor, the cows are facing away from the operator in an angled or "herringbone" position.

As important as your cows may be in the milking routine, so is the milker. Support arms help carry the weight of milk hoses and milking units so your milkers don't have to deal with the strain in their shoulders and lower back. This could potentially save you in time paid for labor because a sore milker will most likely move a lot slower.

DariTech also manufactures highly polished stainless steel milking equipment.



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